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Bluebirds of Happiness

There have been countless instances of wild animals showing what appears to be obvious displays of emotion and care.

True, my (mostly) domesticated domestic short-hair, Frida, can be caught in making shameless and elaborate efforts of what looks like affection, only to find out that food stealing was her true objective. However, elephants have been known to cry, console (with their trunks), and linger by and embrace the remains of their fallen. Other animals have also shown signs that they have a more tender aspect of their nature as well. It's even been proven that some, including birds, have limbic systems (the part of the brain, in humans, responsible for emotions).

Recently I have been learning more about Bluebirds in order to better prepare myself for the CQ Bluebird monitoring project and the upcoming Eastern Bluebird nesting season. I have come across articles and even found a video describing how cooperative and caring Bluebirds appear to be. For example, they are known to share in the responsibility of feeding each other. The father will sometimes feed the mother as she is incubating her eggs; the mother, in turn, will feed the hatchlings whatever the father has scavenged. It was also very touching to discover that Bluebird young of the same brood will sometimes even feed each other.

It would appear that there is a clear reason that 'of happiness' is often attached to the end of the word 'Bluebird.' If you have been a witness to Bluebirds showing care and kindness please share your experience in the comments below!

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1 Comment

Vicky Crouthamel
Vicky Crouthamel
Apr 08, 2021

What a heartwarming story! It is making us all fall in love with these beautiful birds!😍

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